The Voluntary Exchange is published by Michael Hall, a physics PhD student at Cornell University, who maintains a strong interest in anarcho-capitalist libertarian ideals and is a follower of the Austrian School of economics. It is updated semi-regularly whenever the author is inspired to speak his mind about various philosophical points or current events related to libertarianism and isn’t overwhelmed with work or preoccupied with other hobbies.

The site is named after the foundation of free market capitalism, the only social system entirely consistent with individual liberty. In a purely free market, all exchanges are made without coercion or violence. Every individual and their property is respected and an exchange may only occur voluntarily after a mutually beneficial agreement has been reached. This social system is inconsistent with warfare, welfare, and the extraction of taxes which make them possible. Therefore, a free people should reject government and all of its interventions into our lives if we are to establish a truly free society.

Anarcho-capitalism may never be fully realized, but that does not justify the existence of government, just as the existence of murder or theft does not justify those activities. I propose that, so far as we are able, it is admirable to defend oneself against governments’ increasing power, reduce its power wherever possible and educate and encourage others to do the same.

Please copy, distribute, remix or reuse the content provided on this site and, if you would, kindly provide an attribution.

CC License 3.0

CC License 3.0


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Norbert Says:

    would you give me permission to translate and publish articles for a german audience?

    • Michael Hall Says:


      Absolutely! If you have the opportunity, I’d be interested in any insights that the german audience has also!

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